Heeter Installs Ricoh Pro VC70000

Technology moves fast in the printing industry. And Duke | Heeter is investing in that future.

In the fall of 2018, Heeter was the first business in the world to install the next generation Ricoh Pro VC70000 continuous feed inkjet platform to expand its production of high-quality commercial print collateral.

Hear the story of our evaluation and the results in this video.

What is the Ricoh VC70000?

The Ricoh Pro inkjet line combines vibrant color, high-fidelity rendering, and the agility to efficiently produce customized campaigns that have the potential for higher reader retention and engagement. The platform’s proprietary drop-on-demand print heads intelligently adjust ink use for the job to save on ink costs, while maximizing near-offset quality. With support for a wide selection of paper stocks, users and their customers have more freedom to choose the right medium to reach the right customer.

The new Pro VC70000 sets a new standard in high-speed print production for quality and productivity on offset coated paper. Expanded media choices combined with a competitive cost per page for variable data printing increases the value of the applications we can offer.

What does the VC70000 mean for our customers?

The inkjet web combines the:

  • Quality of offset
  • Speed of continuous feed
  • Flexibility of digital technologies

Heeter will streamline its operations with fewer steps, more savings, and more efficiency resulting in customers seeing improvements in quality, speed and savings on their print jobs.

Our President Kirk Schlecker comments on what Ricoh’s VC70000 inkjet brings to our customers.

Our customers love the Ricoh Pro inkjet platform

“Rivers Casino finds variable direct mail with customized offers to be highly effective for attracting guests to our property. Heeter’s new Ricoh VC 70000 inkjet web triples our mail pieces throughput, enabling us to get mail to our guests even quicker than before.”Shannon Redmond, Vice President, Marketing, Rivers Casino

“At first we were skeptical that an inkjet web printer could present our product images in an acceptable way. But after seeing the high quality results, Giant Eagle became a fan and we are expanding its use.”Jody Neiswonger, Direct Mail Specialist, Giant Eagle

We have a long history of investing in the future

Heeter was a very early user of the Ricoh’s Pro inkjet line.  Check out the Printing Impressions Feature on Heeter’s use of VC60000 in production.

As the first printer in the world to install the Ricoh Pro VC70000, Heeter is continuing its commitment to utilizing cutting edge production technologies to deliver leading commercial print applications.