Simplify Your Workflow and Better Manage Projects with Imperium 3.0

Imperium™ is our customized web-based dashboard that provides our clients with visibility of real-time job order status and the ability to efficiently manage jobs.

  • Easily order custom print and direct mail
  • Integrate Imperium with your internal systems to simplify workflow
  • Communicate with the Heeter team in real-time
  • Produce custom booklets efficiently
  • Provide easy, customized reporting
  • Track your mail with up to 98% accuracy

Duke | Heeter takes data security and privacy very seriously

With that mission, we are pleased to announce that Heeter and its Imperium application have earned HITRUST Certification from the Health Information Trust (HITRUST) Alliance, the widely adopted security and risk management framework.

HITRUST is the gold standard in data security for all industries, but particularly for healthcare. Read more about our HITRUST certification here.

Have You Heard About Our Imperium 3.0 Release?

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We integrate seamlessly and securely with your...

Call Centers

Call Centers

Sales and Broker Networks

Sales & Broker Networks

Corporate Websites

Corporate Websites

Imperium features a series of modules; clients select and configure a custom platform that serves their needs.

See the various applications that make Imperium the top web-based application in the industry.

  • ReportPro provides easy online reporting of your job activity and inventory levels at our facility.
  • You can predict in home dates with 98% accuracy by tracking outbound direct mail as well as business return mail. The intuitive interface of MailPro provides details of USPS scanning information as well as visual representation of where your mail is within the postal stream.
  • ShopPro is a fully integrated storefront that enables clients to select, edit and order both static offset materials as well as fully variable direct marketing campaigns – while maintaining corporate branding.
  • PagePro is an on-demand, dynamic document builder. It is ideal for businesses which need to create customized content in an efficient manner. Companies no longer need to rely on compiling data in a spreadsheet, marrying that data to creative, and following a traditional printing and proofing workflow. PagePro builds this catalog or customer book in a snap.
  • SecurePro moves your sensitive materials safely and can be accessed through traditional FTP clients or via a secure web interface.
  • CollaboratePro is a shared space to communicate project needs real time with our team.


Ask your Duke | Heeter account executive for more details about how Imperium can simplify your workflow and allow you to better manage your projects.