Full View Leads to High Customer Acquisition

Heeter provided integrated dashboards across providers to improve conversions.

A leading health insurer desired to restructure its annual enrollment campaigns to drive stronger acquisition results. Targeted direct mail campaigns are sent to generate responses through three distinct channels: mail, web and phone.


This top five Blue Cross Blue Shield struggled with limited visibility into the success of its past campaigns. Multiple providers acted independently, making the collection of valuable data a time consuming process. Also, as data privacy and security are of increasing importance, there are very few providers that meet compliance standards.


As one of the few vendors that integrate robust processing with compliant systems, Heeter was the obvious choice to lead this effort. As prospects reply through one of the three channels, responses are processed through Heeter’s custom-built websites, enabling personalized follow up, while maintaining secure data control and versioning. This information is also pushed to a powerful dashboard that allows for complete visibility into the results of each campaign.

“We never had a full view of how our prospects were responding to our outreach. We now enjoy integrated dashboards as we have funneled the responses through Heeter.”Director of Marketing, Large Health Insurance Provider


These improvements have  resulted in stronger engagement with its prospects and complete visibility of its campaign.



Industry: Insurance