Fulfillment Improvement to Respond Faster

The sales team needs printed collateral quickly to respond to sales leads.
Viatris employs hundreds of salespeople in territories throughout the country. This team requires custom printed materials dispatched to them promptly to pursue sales opportunities.


Viatris mailed these sales materials from a Texas-based warehouse whose main focus was the distribution of its pharmaceutical products. Because of the high volume of product orders, the sales materials were only sent on a monthly basis. This delay between request and shipment of marketing materials caused challenges for the sales team. Plus, the sales team often did not know when to expect the shipments.


Heeter proposed that the sales materials be distributed from Heeter’s fulfillment center with a quick turnaround. A web storefront was set up so salespeople could place their own orders. Plus, Heeter employs a rotating stock process in its fulfillment center in order to keep costs low.

“Heeter’s innovative approach to solving this sales material challenge proved to be a big winner at Viatris.” Cheryl Bender, Creative Director, Viatris


After a series of tests with the sales team who love the new responsive process, Viatris’ materials are distributed from Heeter’s facility. All Viatris sales materials are shipped within 48 hours. And the salespeople can track where their materials are at any time.



Industry:  Pharmaceutical